PC question answered by the IT gang.

A client called us the other day with a great question regarding their computer and if it should be shut down while they went away for vacation – kind of a vacation for their computer, so to speak.

Here’s what our IT crew gave them as an answer that might be a little surprising to some.

Yes, it’s OK to leave the computer on when you leave – even for a week or more.

Leaving your computer on helps download and install updates at night, check for viruses and means less waiting when you return. Power consumption is relatively low these days so that’s less of an issue than it used to be. 

However, we do recommend that you reboot your computer on occasion. Rebooting helps complete pending installs, and sometimes even brings to light an issue that may be waiting in the wings. Also, it may improve your performance if you have lots of unseen applications running in the background.

Good job boys. Now, back in the cubicles you go!