DIY tip #26: Fix Annoying Ceiling Fans – Stebnitz Builders, Delavan, WI

Ceiling fans come in hundreds of different designs and can literally be made from anything. But, what it can't be is a noisemaker, interrupting precious sleep.


I absolutely LOVE falling asleep with the ceiling fan on. It gives me that little bit of cool air movement and adds a soft soothing sound in the room rather than focusing on other bumps, creeks, chirps, etc. going on around the house at night.

But, what do you do when this routine for much-needed restful sleep is interrupted by a wobbling, squeaking fan?

Here’s a great DIY tip on why the fan is keeping you awake and how you can fix it for good!


Stop that annoying fan with this simple – and CHEAP – fix!


Here’s the kit shown in the video – available at ACE Hardware in Delavan for $2.29. Mention you saw this in the Stebnitz Builders Blog and Mike will give it to you for only $1.49!


Fan Balancing Kit available for only $1.49 if you mention you saw this on the Stebnitz Builders Blog!


A good night sleep is NOT overrated. Don’t let a noisy fan get in the way.


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