Is your home a safe place for your family? These 6 tests will certainly help.

Have you dryer checked for lint build-up, along with these other 5 great tips to keep your family safe in your home.

My buddy Mike, from Ace Hardware in Delavan sent me this link and I wanted to help spread the word. These are very important tests you should perform regularly, if not every year.

One test that is often a surprise to people is the dryer. It’s more than just making sure the lint trap is clean. You’ve got to dig deeper … Take it from a guy who has been through it. Our dryer burned due to build-up of lint – lint we couldn’t see – inside the dryer unit. The tech said we were really lucky the electrical fire didn’t spread outside of the unit. The house could have started quickly if it had. With everyone at school and work – we’d have never known until it was too late.

Need any of the test units for your house, see my buddy Mike and tell him I said “Hi”.