New Law Requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Wisconsin Homes

Beginning February 1, 2011 all one and two-family residences in Wisconsin will require carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the home, including the basement. Unfinished attic areas do not require a detector.

Existing homes can use plug-in alarms and newly constructed homes will be required to install interconnected carbon monoxide detectors that closely mirror the current Wisconsin requirements for smoke detectors.  This legislation would allow builders and consumer to use combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in newly constructed homes in place of just installing smoke detectors.

Winter time is the most dangerous of times for carbon monoxide issues as homes are closed up to keep out the cold weather and many older homes do not have the proper air exchange to minimize the CO levels. On top of that, some homewowners often supplement their heating system with heaters meant for outdoor use without proper ventilation.

If you do not currently have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, please consider doing so this winter. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can easily save your life. For more information on carbon monoxide, visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

CO Detector Installation Plan