Panasonic unveils a new way to microwave … with steam.


We caught this press release and thought it was worth sharing. Who thought – microwaving ice cream? Panasonic continues to create excitement in the kitchen with it’s new GS595A Steam Inverter microwave.


According to Panasonic’s press release, “the highly precise infrared sensor allows heating till the exact desired temperature.” They say it will allow you to do exactly that and make that ice cream cake a whole lot easier to cut through without melting the entire Molly Cyrus decoration, I mean WWE design.


Check out the details here


They also claim that the Panasonic GS595A’s “combination of microwave heating and steam eliminates excessive fat by up to 19 percent.”
Imagine how much healthier a twinkie could be if you threw it in to one of these bad boys!
No word yet on the price of said ice cream melter and twinkie-transformer. But the thought of it is making our mouths water.


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