Plan ahead: Don’t be a victim

Don't ignore the warning signs of a bad contractor

We’ve had several blog entries talking about ways to stay safe during AND after a remodeling project. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently posted their list of warning signs you should be aware of prior to hiring a contractor for any work on your home.

This list is rather broad and too short, in my mind, but it is a great start. Most people are not out to intentionally steal from you or cheat you, in fact, most businesses that get in to this type of trouble never see it coming. But, either way, the one who suffers the most is the homeowner. Even if you get all that is coming to you, the time, effort and pain in getting there will still take a major toll on you and your family. By simply following these suggestions and avoiding the red flags, your chances of enjoying your remodeling experience will be greatly enhanced.

Of course, by simply hiring Stebnitz Builders, you avoid the red flags, avoid the headaches completly and actually have FUN remodeling your house.

Have a great weekend!