“Watershed Moment” Deciding on Re-Siding Part 2, Stebnitz Builders, Delavan, WI

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Forrest Gump


That’s the way the Reed’s siding project started out, sort of. When the Stebnitz Builders crew of Scott, James and Ryan started removing the old cedar siding, they confirmed what we thought just might be there – mildew and rot.

There was some sign of this on the soffit and fascia around the chimney chase. We expected there to be some issues there. And, we thought there might be other areas as well, but we couldn’t be sure until the siding was removed. Unfortunately, this is what we found.

Major decay in the eave of the house is another example of the destruction water can have with wood when the proper steps are not taken during installation. The eaves will have to be rebuilt before the SmartSide soffit and fascia is applied.


The black on the chimney chase shown here is from improper flashing between the chimney, the roof and the original siding. Before the new siding is installed, we will re-flash around the chase and replace the plywood on the chimney chase.


The bottom of the chimney chase is completely rotted away due to water damage. The move to reside their home gave the Reeds an opportunity to see this damage and fix it. Not only were they dealing with a major water issue that would have gotten worse as time went on, but they had a great amount of heat loss that was costing them money every day. This will be fixed and those issues will be a thing of the past.


Certainly the Reeds were disappointed to see this, but it reaffirmed their decision to reside the house rather than just re-stain the original cedar siding. The problems would have only gotten worse and their investment in a nicer finish to their cedar may have been for naught as the plywood underneath the siding and eaves continued to decay under the guise of a beautiful exterior.

Scott, Ryan and James are continuing to eliminate the rot and prepare the house for the upcoming LP SmartSide siding and trim. As for the Reeds’ home, we’ve eliminated the moisture issue and will start applying the siding, next.

Watch for our next blog post on the Reed home and watch our progress with the reformation of their home.

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