Winter is quickly approaching – Is your home ready?

An Energy Assessment from Stebnitz Builders can save you from high energy costs and save you money!

One of the most requested services we’ve provided over the last couple of months has been our home energy assessment. Your home should be checked for specific areas of concern that could be wasting hundreds of dollars in energy bills over the course of the year.

Along with lost money, too many people are “putting up with” a home that just isn’t comfortable during the winter. The floors are too cold. The windows frost over. Maybe you have dangerous icicles that hang from the roof – which is a sign that there are problems with your roof system and definite heat loss in the attic.

The top three issues we find in homes we perform assessments on are:

  • Lack of insulation or proper insulating
  • Inefficient exhaust fans
  • Insufficient caulking around openings in the wall

All of these are relatively easy fixes, but until they’re fixed, they’re costing you money and comfort. Call us today for an energy assessment and fix the issues before Mother Nature turns on her arctic blast and more of your money goes out the window.

See a follow-up energy assessment after the changes were made and how dramatic those changes are.

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