Barney Brugger – Remodeling Consultant


Barney Brugger is a great fit for the personality of Stebnitz Builders.

As a Remodeling Consultant, he is easy to talk with, a great listener and a wealth of remodeling information.

Prior to joining Stebnitz Builders in 2012, Barney spent 27 years as the Building Inspector for the City of Lake Geneva and neighboring communities. During his tenure, Barney had the opportunity to usher hundreds of homes and businesses throughout the building and remodeling process and was committed to ensure the construction was completed in a safe manner, consistent with all applicable building codes and completed in a way that would last for years to come.

When I made my decision to retire from building inspection, I began looking for an opportunity to remain active in the construction industry. I wanted to continue to use my knowledge to help people make sure their construction projects were done right,” explains Barney.

“I saw the opportunity to do just that with Stebnitz Builders. I had seen the quality and workmanship they put into every job I saw as an inspector. I had also gotten to know some of the Stebnitz family on a personal basis and knew they were quality people as well. It was an easy decision, a perfect fit.”

Barney’s clients love working with him because of his light-hearted demeanor along with his ability to uncover hidden or hard to find facts on a person’s house. If he has a question, he will seek out an answer until he gets it. No question is too great.

Barney joins us with his wife of 32 years, Nancy. They have two daughters Katie and Molly. Barney and Nancy also have three grand-dogs, Governor Wiggle Butt, Winnie Pupalupagus and Riley.

Barney enjoys many outdoor activities including, golf, fishing, kayaking, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, and cycling.



If you are considering a remodeling project, give Barney a call at 800.410.8027 or email him at and use his many years of experience to guide you through a memorable experience with Stebnitz Builders!

My future favorite outdoor activity

My future favorite outdoor activity

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