Alonso is one of the younger members of our team, and he has been with us since August of 2019. After graduating in 2018, Alonso was looking for a job that would allow him to learn skills and gain experience in a trade. Alonso found a perfect place to accomplish each of these goals when he started working on our team. He believes that our company gives him the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge due to the amount of freedom our lead carpenters give him on the job site. Alonso appreciates the trust the lead carpenters have in his ability, and it has allowed him to grow quickly as a carpenter. He believes that his best skill is his ability to understand when he has made a mistake and ask questions to make the mistake an opportunity to learn. Alonso’s favorite project was a large job he started on because he was able to see the complete transformation and he was able to assist in pulling the roof off of the home and adding a new addition. When Alonso is not working, he enjoys spending time with his friends.

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