Patrick (Ric) Shaff


After years of working in the service industry, Patrick (Ric) changed career paths and entered into the trades. He has used his skills of helping people from his former career while working in the field of carpentry since 2019. Then he joined our team in the spring of 2021 and has been a valuable member of our team since. After joining a company that focused on flipping homes, Ric realized that his greatest asset was his ability to learn on his own. He brought that skill to our team, which allows him to work fluidly with the other carpenters to complete tasks. He also is able to learn quickly from the lead carpenters, which allows them to maintain their focus on the entire scope of the project and keep it moving in the right direction. One of the projects that Ric has enjoyed working on with our team was an addition that has exposed beams lining the ceiling. He enjoyed the project because it required a lot of planning and precision to match the exact style from the original home, and when it was done it matched perfectly. When Ric is not working on projects with our team, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing personal computer games.

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