Scott started his carpentry career in 1989, and he has been making clients happy with Stebnitz Builders for seventeen years! Scott stated that Stebnitz builders offers “great people to work with, a great company to work for, and the opportunity to work independently in the field.” Scott appreciates the trust that our team puts in his abilities, and he rewards our trust by putting all of his effort into his craft. Scott believes that the greatest benefit he brings to his projects, is his meticulous attention to detail. When he gets done with his projects, he wants them to be perfect! Although Scott has been a part of many great projects, he has an especially great amount of pride in a portico he constructed on Booth Lake in East Troy five years ago. He was tasked with using mortise and tenon joinery to create a perfectly fitted portico that made the property look amazing. He takes great pride in the detail he used to ensure the portico was perfectly fitted, and he hopes that he can work on something like that in the future! When Scott is not turning client’s dreams into reality, he enjoys hunting!

View some of the project’s Scott has worked on:

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