Tommy Hippert


After over 20 years in the construction industry, Tommy joined our team of skilled carpenters in March 2021. This allows him to bring experience and knowledge to our team, which is comprised of experienced lead carpenters and younger, learning carpenters. When he joined our team, Tommy realized, and now appreciates, the longevity of the carpenters on our team. He believes that it is a unique aspect of our company, and because of their longevity, our carpenters share a stronger connection to our company and our clients. Tommy believes that his biggest strength on the job site is knowing his role, which he knows helps projects flow much more smoothly. His favorite project on our team thus far was when he helped one of our lead carpenters create a roof that incorporated several different pitches and angles. It was a challenge, but he was able to demonstrate his skills and succeed on a tricky aspect of the project. When Tommy is not working, he enjoys farming, hiking, and just generally spending time outdoors!

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