Whole-House Remodel

Turn the house into a more useable, functional space that could easily entertain many at once, (since it’s a lake home, they have frequent out-of-town visitors) yet still feel cozy and comfortable when just the two owners are there.
Goals Accomplished!
To achieve a Nantucket look, the exteriors of the house and boathouse have wide trim at windows and doors, decorative gable trim, a stone foundation, grilled double-hung windows and a beige/white color combination with a black entry door. Each structure has a porthole-type round window. The boathouse also has a large copper weathervane and a wraparound deck.
Here’s what they had to say after the project was finished.
“Our remodeling experience with Stebnitz Builders has been a very positive one. We originally went with Stebnitz because they have a stellar reputation of outstanding quality, good people and a great family to work with. We, like so many others, have found all this to be true.”

Jim & Kathie Hill

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