Project Development Agreement (PDA)

We have created a very specific process for all homeowners considering a home remodeling project with Stebnitz Builders.

The first step is a simple conversation with a member from our team to discuss the goals, the scope and the potential costs, or budget range, for the project. The Project Development Agreement (PDA) is the second phase, and the final phase is signing the project contract.


After an initial consultation with a remodeling consultant, we will provide a scope of work and an initial budget range. The decision to move forward into the second phase is up to the homeowner. It’s important to us to know clients are on board with our process, the steps required and the very real costs to complete before we begin the heavy lifting of detailed design and product selections.

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Once we’ve agreed on what the project will encompass and what the cost and time investment will be, we enter into a Project Development Agreement (PDA) where a design will be created, and we work alongside our clients to make decisions on the selections needed for the design created. This PDA process is the first financial investment our clients make into the development of the project. While some firms ask for a deposit to begin drawing and designing, very few will provide a budget range they are willing to design to and manage as the process evolves. Our approach brings both worlds together.

Once the PDA is signed, we bring in our design team, architects, and any other trade partners necessary to produce a detailed contract based on the final design. Along with project plans, this will also include final selections made and a final package price for the entire project. The team we assemble is committed to working through design decisions and providing us specific costs because they know our clients are committed to moving forward, based on real budget numbers and a personal, financial investment.

Throughout the design process, our remodeling consultants work with our design clients to confirm the drawings and finalize the plans for their home. In real-time design meetings, we tweak those designs with our design software “Chief Architect”, to ensure the client’s home will look exactly as they’d imagined and operate just as they’d hoped.

When designs are finalized, the remodeling consultant begin working with our trade partners to obtain specific costs to us for their portions of the project. Along with the costs from trades and specific costs for materials, our estimator, Dan Stebnitz, assembles the final contract costs by adding the time required of our carpenters to complete the construction portion of the project and determine the final contract price.

Upon signing of the contract, clients will receive up to 50% of their design deposit credited back in the contract price.

We are in the business of remodeling homes and not just designing beautiful projects. Should a homeowner decide not to move forward with us into contract to build the project, the design investment will remain with us as compensation for our time.

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