Why Us

Top 10 Reasons Why Stebnitz Builders


1. We Really Listen

Our proprietary Procedural Listening methodology enables Stebnitz Builders to ask specific, relevant questions about your project and completely document your every response, every step of the way.


2. Collaboration

The key to a successful remodeling experience is spending the time and energy up front to create a plan that delivers everything your home needs. Our experienced team of Remodeling Consultants and Selections Coordinator will guide you through the design and selections phase for your project.


3. Thoroughly Trained Staff

We spend a great deal more on training than advertising. Because our associates know how to live the Stebnitz Builders difference, they’ll exceed your expectations.


4. Depth of Organization

The layers of Stebnitz Builders include an office support staff that is always in the know about our projects, Project Manager and a Production Crew of 15 full-time carpenters. Our office is staffed from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to assist our clients.

5. One Project, One Team

The three key principles Stan Stebnitz committed to in 1972 resonate within our team today, always do what’s right, provide service like you expect to be served and NEVER walk-away from a project. That’s why the team assigned to a project stays with that project from start to finish.

6. Communication: Equally as Important as Construction

The company culture at Stebnitz Builders encourages regular client communication. Our team of consultants, production managers, carpenters and office staff all pride themselves on proactive and responsive communication.


7. Responsiveness

Our formal policy is that we will respond to you within 24 hours, no later. Our clients want and deserve to be in-the-know as remodeling can be a scary and invasive process for some. But, with the regular communication and the level of availability we offer, the experience our clients receive creates a project that is as memorable as it is beautiful. Our aim to be an advisor and information funnel for our clients and other homeowners considering a project in their home. Phone, text, email, go-to-meetings, messenger, and face-time, just to name a few, make us accessible to our clients wherever they may be.

8. Recognition

Stebnitz Builders has been a Guildmaster Award winner consecutively since 2014. Read what over 200 clients have said about working with Stebnitz Builders.


9. Care for You & Your Home 

About 90% of homeowners stay in their homes during remodeling projects, which if you’re not proactive, dust can permeate every part of your home. We use the BuildClean HEPA Dust Control System for healthier remodeling conditions for you, your pets and for our team. Read more about our Dust Control System.

10. Quality Guarantee

Stebnitz Builders guarantees our workmanship for five years. The industry standard is only one year. Our warranty, quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail are the reasons many of our clients keep coming back to us with multiple projects.

Procedural Listening

What Is Procedural Listening?

Procedural Listening employs a specifically tailored discipline of listening and documentation to ensure that all Stebnitz Builders associates hear and understand every detail discussed with a client. Research shows that during a typical conversation, people remember only 30 percent of what was said. This means that 70 percent of what was said is not retained. Procedural Listening teaches us to ask specific, relevant questions about your project and completely document your every response, every step of the way. At the beginning of your project, your responses are collected and thoughtfully reviewed. We work together with you to be sure that we have heard and understood your every wish. The end result is that we hear 100 percent of what you say and ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied.

Procedural Listening Outline

Procedural Listening is our proprietary method that ensures that all client communication is documented and distributed throughout the entire organization.

Remodeling Emotional Roller Coaster

The very nature of remodeling takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Any time you make changes to your home, there are bound to be highs and lows. One of the many reasons we developed Procedural Listening is to accentuate the highs and lessen the lows. Communication, listening and a well-trained staff are critical factors in turning a roller-coaster ride into a smoother and more scenic ride.

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